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Exam Proctoring

Exam Proctoring

In many online classes, instructors allow for their students to complete exams via Blackboard or other methods.

However, some online classes require occasional visits to campus for exams or meetings. Students that live outside Houston must ask the instructor for permission to have the exams proctored at another location.

The instructor may decide to make proctoring arrangements with the student directly, or instead contact DE Student Services to request assistance in coordinating arrangements.

Before you Enroll

Students must have written permission from your instructor stating that exams can be proctored at an off-campus location.

The best time to get permission is before you enroll in classes. Some instructors will NOT allow students to take exams at an off-campus location. Permission can be granted via e-mail.

Proctoring Procedures

  • Forward the instructor's permission to
  • Send the name of a proctoring institution in your area with their website an the proctor's e-mail and phone number. Some examples are colleges, libraries, or testing centers.
  • Many students choose to have their exams proctored at a college or university. The Consortium of College Testing Centers, sponsored by the National College Testing Association, can help students locate a nearby college testing center. In order to obtain more information about exam proctoring and the testing center's procedures, contact one of the listed colleges.
  • After submitting the list of exam locations, DE Student Services staff will contact each one to confirm the available services and gather any other important information. Students will then make the final decision on where to have the exam proctoring.

Finalizing Arrangements

  • Call and/or e-mail the assigned proctor to schedule an appointment to take your exam.
  • Send an e-mail reminder of the upcoming exam to
  • Be prepared to pay any proctoring fees. Many institutions, such as libraries, don't charge for proctoring services. However, others may charge a fee ranging from $5-$25, which is due the date of the exam.
  • The proctor will then return the completed exam.

Note: If you are unable to come to campus for an exam due to a disability, contact the Center for Students with DisABILITIES.